Do you or does someone you know want to work in sales for the most successful restaurant marketing agency on the planet? 🌎

Our Misfit Media team is growing and we're looking for two top candidates to join our sales team.

Think you've got what it takes to be a High Ticket Closer? We are looking for someone with exceptional sales experience who's ready and eager to close high ticket deals, daily.

Sales representatives at our company make 6-figures while spending the majority of their time closing deals vs. prospecting. 

Our marketing systems and processes bring high-quality leads to our sales reps so they can spend more time knocking deals out of the park vs. cold calling. 

If this sounds like you, apply here to be considered. 

Interested in joining our team but just starting out in sales?

I'm looking for a determined Sales Development Representative who will be responsible for setting up appointments and eventually transition into a Sales Closer role.


- Don’t message me if you want an easy job. This will be the hardest job you’ve ever had.

- Don’t message me if you won’t read a book. You will grow in your professional career faster here than anyplace else and will be required to read numerous books before you even step foot into our office.

- Don’t message me with something like “I can sell ice to Eskimo’s.” Eskimos don’t need to buy ice. We don’t sell BS. We only sell what people want and need. No lying, no tricks. You’ll learn how to actually sell like a professional and create win-wins only.

- Don’t message me if you’re happy with a sales job earning $90k per year. If you’re not on pace to earn $100k+ on commissions by month 3, you’re probably not a good fit.

- Don’t message me if you want 9-5. Sales training starts at 7:45 am every day and if you get a lead, you’ll call it.

- Don’t message me if you’ve got a track record of gossip and negativity. We will eat you alive here. We don’t deal with that BS. You won’t last long.

- Don’t message me if you’re known by your friends for making excuses. We don’t understand that language and won’t hire a translator to figure out what you’re talking about.

Want to work here?

Reach out to me. 

If not, please share with someone who may.

You might change someone’s life.


- Brett

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