As restaurant owners, the pandemic has had a direct impact on your business model and has forced you to pivot, and for some of you, to an entirely new way of operating. 

With no end in sight to this health crisis, here are 3 tips to help you navigate this rapidly changing business environment. 

Industry Update

Leverage Technology 

In today’s environment, consumers expect restaurants to offer digital ordering and contactless payment solutions for convenience and safety. According to the NPD Group, digital restaurant orders increased by 63% in March alone. 

Online ordering should be at the top of your list to implement and optimize for a user-friendly solution. Contactless payments and self-service kiosks decrease human-to-human interactions and provide customers with minimal contact solutions. 

Adopting these technologies will help you resume business seamlessly and provide a safe dining experience for your customers.

Targeting Customers 

 Loyalty programs were highlighted by the National Restaurant Association as an incentive to motivate customers to return to restaurants and are essential in earning repeat customers. 

Collecting customer information such as emails and phone numbers from takeout and delivery orders allows restaurant operators to reconnect with customers regarding safety precautions or restaurant specials and promotions. 

Creating a database will ultimately help build customer confidence in your business and generate repeat sales.

Get Creative

Restaurant owners, take this opportunity to revamp your offerings. Whether that be family size orders, menu items or maximizing outdoor dining spaces - there are things you can do to optimize your business in this time. 

These operational changes will better position you to remain agile and adhere to guidelines while optimizing your restaurant to more sustainably operate in this environment. 

If you have any questions about implementing these strategies, CLICK HERE and we would be happy to help!

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