Let me make this CRYSTAL CLEAR - to grow your business this year, your marketing needs to be able to:👇

1️⃣ Attract new customers every month

2️⃣ Keep them coming back

3️⃣ Track what methods are doing the first two steps the best and rinse and repeat

I know it seems simple, right?

So, why does NO ONE do this then?

Well, it’s because no one knows how to track their marketing return on investment. 🤦‍♂️

To scale your business, you MUST be able to track an ROI from your marketing strategy if you want to be successful this year and onwards. 

And it just so happens that this is where MOST restaurateurs are getting tripped up on.

They spend thousands on marketing tactics and they have no idea if they made any money.

This is a big problem.

I know this to be true because I’ve worked with hundreds of restaurants over the years and this ALWAYS seems to be the #1 issue stunting growth!

So, here’s how I want to help YOU and your restaurant business succeed this year.

No. I’m not selling you a course or some coaching program.

I’m not even asking you to adopt new tactics or make changes to your restaurant operation.

ALL our team does, is set-up marketing strategies to find new customers, for our clients, using “smart engagements”.

Let me put it in English:

#1: Misfit Media lets you see where EVERY sale has came from in connection to our marketing system.

#2: This let's us reach new customers much more efficiently.

#3: We then use this data to make our system smarter and scale our positive results.

That’s it.

With these systems in place, it becomes much easier to acquire new and returning customers at a low price. 

There’s nothing super sexy about this.

It’s just like using a CPA to analyze and optimize your checkbook instead of eyeballing it on the back of a napkin at your restaurant.

Simple. Yet VERY effective.

And between you and I… We are doing quite well and have an endless list of blue chip restaurant clients. So something must be working here.

If you are using online marketing in any way, I would urge you to schedule a strategy session with my team, to see how we can scale your business, while getting more local customers to know about you, talk about you, and come back to your restaurant on a consistent basis.

Without exaggeration, it could be the most efficient thing you do in 2021.

So, click that button below and let's get to work. 👊

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