As a restaurant owner, the success of your business relies on momentum. 


I think it's safe to say; in business, you're either moving forwards or backwards.


There's no such thing as staying still; even in today's climate.



A LOT has changed since the start of COVID-19.


And your restaurant, has had to adapt because of it. 


For those who have survived, they have found the right solutions to adjust and build momentum.


While on the other hand, 110,000 restaurants reported as permanently shut down by the National Restaurant Association.


It's unfortunate that so many restaurants have had to close their doors due to the pandemic.


However, there is a lot to learn from the restaurants who have been able to thrive during this time period. 


After serving hundreds of restaurants during the pandemic, I can confidently say much of their success comes from momentum.


When you think about what momentum means, it's very similar to a game of dominoes.


Each piece completes an action that compounds with the following pieces in order to build momentum. 


When placed strategically, they fall exactly as planned.


But when they're misplaced, it is now a start and stop game.


The reason why dominoes work are because it is based on a chain reaction with one strategic move after the other.


In business terms, it can either be the reason you succeed or the reason you come to a full stop. 


But the good news is, it is not necessarily about working harder, it is about having the right systems to support your current needs.


Since the beginning of the lockdown, my team and I have continuously adjusted our strategies to reflect the ongoing situation for hundreds of restaurants across the United States to get through this pandemic.


The goal was to bring about certainty for our clients during these very uncertain times. 


After adjusting and readjusting, we found the perfect strategies to build restaurant momentum to generate results like: 


🍕 Brick Oven Pizza Co; who just surpassed $700,000 in new additional revenue 


Screen Shot 2021-01-18 at 11.00.31 AM



🥪 Fat Sal's; who has had over 7,800 total redemptions accounting for $160,000 in sales


Jace & Brett at Fat Sals


These are just two of the restaurants that have found their momentum amid dining room shutdowns.  


When you started your business, you knew that in order to have a great restaurant you must: 


1. Serve great food - your menu is the backbone of your business, without it, you lose the identity of your restaurant. 


2. Have excellent customer service - no matter if your restaurant is doing in-store, take-out or delivery you can still make a customers experience meaningful.


3. Make take-out and online ordering memorable - there's never a lack of resources only a lack of creativity.


So, since I know you already have those 3 things on lock, let us help support you in building momentum off of our battle tested strategies.


Here's what you can expect with our systems in place👇


✅ A steady stream of high-quality customers that keep coming back


✅ Predictable systems around retaining guests long-term


✅ Tracking customer spend down to the dollar so you know exactly what’s working


If you are interested in gaining momentum, secure a spot on my calendar below and let's talk about how we can capture more customers to generate additional sales for your bottom line during this time. 


Schedule Strategy Session




Let me know if you have any questions about how you can build momentum, right now, and I'd be happy to help!


- Brett Linkletter

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