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We're 12 days into 2021. How are you feeling? 

Stressed? Excited? Overwhelmed? All of the above?


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This year, 45% of American's made at least one New Years Resolution and by next week, 25% of those people will have abandoned them. 

What category are you going to fall into? 

Right now, you have a clean slate. 

You have every opportunity to reach your goals. 

If you're losing motivation, I want to encourage you to think about how you'll feel this time next year. 

Do you still want to be 'trying' to reach the same goal?


Do you want to be accomplishing the next?

This year, my team and I made a resolution to remove the word 'try' from our vocabulary. 

You shouldn't "try" to do something, you should simply just do it.

If you want something, you have to put the pedal to the floor and go full speed ahead. 🚩

That's the only way you're going to achieve it.

It's not going to appear out of thin air, it's not going to fall into your lap and it's not going to come from luck. 

It comes from hard work, dedication and a proven marketing solution.

But you don't have to do it alone.

Whatever stage you're at in your business, I want to help you achieve every goal you have this year. 

In the last 6 years, we’ve helped 500+ restaurants grow their businesses and have generated 1,500,000+ guest transactions, accounting for $30 million in sales.
So what’s the deal? How does it all work? 
It comes down to only 3 major factors:
Factor #1 - Get more new customers 🚶‍♂️
Factor #2 - Get your existing customers to come back more often 🔄
Factor #3 - Increase your average check value ⬆️
Our marketing system executes all 3 of these factors simultaneously and can reach almost any customer around you in minutes. 
CLICK HERE, if you're interested in scaling your business with predictability and track sales down to the dollar, then now's the time to schedule a free strategy session with my team below. 👇

There’s no reason not to be using actual revenue earnings and data to make good business decisions, especially when the fix is easy.

This year, you don't 'try' to make it happen, our team WILL make it happen. 


Brett Linkletter

CEO | Misfit Media 

HOST | Restaurant Misfits Podcast

M: (805) 267-9334

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