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On a new Restaurant Misfits episode, I interview Field Failing, CEO and Founder of Field's Good Chicken, a 6 location chicken concept based in New York.

Field's restaurant adventure began in 2007, after his professional cycling career came to an end and he found himself back in the kitchen. 

That year, he filled the fridge in his New York apartment with brines and marinades, blasted the Rolling Stones, and set out to make the perfect chicken.

Shortly thereafter, Field's Good Chicken was born.

However, like many other restaurants around the world, they have had an extremely tough time during the pandemic. 

Despite New York's tight regulations, Field's Good Chicken has found success. 

On this episode, we discuss what his plans are to continue growing after the pandemic, the importance of restaurant branding and simplifying his business approach.

CLICK HERE, to listen to the full episode!

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