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I came across some interesting news... the national restaurant chain, Quiznos has decided to re-brand. 😮

Back in August 2020, I shot an ad that has over 700,000 views on social media, check it out here. 

In the video, I called out specifically, the opportunities large restaurant chains could be leveraging to scale their business.

This is obviously a total coincidence but based off of the timing, could this ad have affected their decision to rebrand? 🤔

Mark Lohmann, the president of parent company, Rego, announced that the 500-unit sandwich chain, will be undergoing a major overhaul with the intention of contemporizing the Quiznos brand.

“The Quiznos brand transformation includes several new physical and visual expressions of the rebrand — most notably a reimagined Quiznos logo, which was last updated in 2001. Additionally, a new restaurant prototype will start to be rolled out in 2021.”

CLICK HERE, to learn more!

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