As humans, we can't be 100% all the time.

However, as the leader of your business, what actions can you take to stay at peak performance?

Energy is contagious and the more energized you feel, the more you are able to energize the people around you.


If you feel like you struggle with refueling your energy levels, here are a few helpful tips that I do to keep my battery charged!

1. Bring on the right people with the right mindset that have already decided to be winners and just need a place to exercise that mentality. As restaurant owners, you can't do everything yourself, so you need a team of smart competent people to help carry-out your vision. 

2. Practice. You get good at what you practice. A good work ethic and positivity allowed us to be prepared for a tough time like this. Without it... it's just too easy to stay stuck and unwilling to adapt.

3. Relationships with our community. We truly KNOW our clients and the people we help. And, a big focus of ours is fostering our community so that we can see your business succeed. The same goes for you and your customers.

It's not that most people run out of energy.

Most people run out of things that energize them.

There are 3 ways to make more energy (just like money):

✔️ Make more

✔️ Save more

✔️ Invest more

MAKE MORE: Physical exercise, healthy routines, healthy eating, and doing things that have a purpose and meaning.

SAVE MORE: Being efficient and having processes and habits that allow you to think "less" on things you can develop habits and processes for, gives you energy to use when you REALLY need to think because you come across a true challenge. 

INVEST MORE: Invest in things that generate energy or teach you how to generate or save energy. Books, podcasts, YT videos, mentors, just being around and seeking the information will help you create and save energy. Yes, it takes energy to learn these things, but once you learn them, you gain more every day.

Implementing these strategies adds little bursts of energy into our everyday, which encourages us to work even harder and reminds us how much our work truly matters. 

We think of our clients as an extension of our team, and we want to encourage you to find things that refuel your energy so that everyday you feel eager, driven and positive.

How do you recharge your energy levels? Or, if you need a few suggestions; send me a quick note! 


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