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On a new Restaurant Misfit's episode, I interview Abhinav Kapur, CEO & Founder of Bikky, an omni-channel CRM system for restaurants.

Abhinav is dedicated to helping restaurants build deeper, more authentic customer relationships at a time when their business is rapidly shifting beyond the traditional four walls. By aggregating data across channels (in-store, delivery, loyalty, etc.), his system unlocks a unified view of the guest, as well as the ability to run completely automated, data-driven marketing campaigns.

In the next 60 minutes, we dive into new technologies restaurants should be leveraging, how to turn data into dollars and his inspiration behind Bikky.

For any restauranteur listening, this episode is packed with all the information and knowledge you will need when making data driven decisions for your business.


Abhinav Kapur 3.30.10 PM


- Brett

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