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2020 is the age of “do it yourself" and I wanted to share a few ideas with you for boosting your restaurant’s marketing.


1. Answer online reviews, both positive and negative—Reviews are a great way to directly engage with your customers, especially if they have any complaints about your restaurant or service. It is the perfect opportunity to clarify any mistakes.


2. List your restaurant on on Google My Business—Not only will completing your listing on Google My Business improve your SEO, but it will also provide your potential customers with all the information they need immediately. Make sure that your address, phone number, and hours are listed correctly and don’t forget a link to your menu!


3. Optimize for mobile—make sure your website can be viewed on mobile phones! Including your menu! Over 50% of all web traffic is done on mobile phones and if your website can’t be accessed or is awkward on mobile, that’s a pretty big chunk of customers to miss out on.


If you are interested in taking your restaurant’s marketing strategy beyond these DIY options, CLICK HERE to book a free strategy call with one of our marketing experts!

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