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 Are you tired of marketing campaigns that lose steam quickly and stop producing results after just a couple weeks? As a restaurant owner, you don't have the time to constantly revisit any ancillary aspect of your business--especially when that aspect can be self-propagating. 
If you have to change your marketing methods constantly because your results keep falling flat, it's time to look into changing the fundamental structure of your marketing strategy. 
In this video, Brett explains Campaign Stacking--one of Misfit's signature strategies that compounds campaign efficacy and increases their lifespan.
Campaign Stacking is a marketing method that helps you get the most out of your advertising budget. By Campaign Stacking, you are able to reach new customers and retarget your existing audience at the same time, all the while building up your database!
At Misfit Media, we like to use strong offers for the first few campaigns to give potential customers a good reason to try out your restaurant rather than your competitors'. Campaign stacking gets new guests in the door and creates the opportunity for your restaurant to turn them into loyal patrons with its tasty food and great service.
Want to learn more about the benefits of campaign stacking? 
CLICK HERE to book a free strategy consulting session with one of our senior team members. They'll help you determine which offers are most likely to draw in more new customers. 

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