Jace Kovacevich

Jace Kovacevich is the COO & Co-Founder of Misfit Media. His superpower lies in direct response advertising, conversion logic, and building systems around businesses. With a strong background in digital, Jace has created a revolutionary product for Misfit’s clients and customers, introducing an entirely new way for restaurants to attract and retain guests. Jace’s experience and insights are applicable to any modern-day entrepreneur looking to grow their business through paid ads, marketing automation, and social media.

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Be the first one to have this 👀

Jace Kovacevich   |     20, May 2021

We Did It! 🤫

Jace Kovacevich   |     09, Apr 2021

$26,000 In Pizza?!

Jace Kovacevich   |     26, Feb 2021

The Perfect Grand Re-Opening Strategy

Jace Kovacevich   |     22, Feb 2021

My Super Bowl Bets

Jace Kovacevich   |     08, Feb 2021

Your Customers Are Saying WHAT?!

Jace Kovacevich   |     25, Jan 2021

No Marketing Expert Will Tell You This.....

Jace Kovacevich   |     18, Jan 2021

How To Use QR Codes To Generate Thousand...

Jace Kovacevich   |     08, Jan 2021

Misfit Media's Famous "Campaign Stacking...

Jace Kovacevich   |     21, Oct 2020

How To Create Gold Medal Content

Jace Kovacevich   |     21, Oct 2020

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