Brett Linkletter

Brett Linkletter is the CEO & CoFounder of Misfit Media. He has an aggressive willingness to take on new challenges and a strong understanding of scaling a business from scratch. His vision is to disrupt the restaurant marketing space by empowering business owners with predictable, scalable marketing strategies so they can grow their business based on insights and data, versus guesswork and course correction. Brett’s specialty lies in creative content creation, brand messaging, social media growth hacking, and business development. His biggest role model and lifetime hero is his great grandfather, Art Linkletter, who was a famous TV personality and businessman.

Posts By Brett Linkletter

Don't Quit Now

Brett Linkletter   |     03, Jun 2021

Taco... Thursday?

Brett Linkletter   |     01, Jun 2021

Old vs. New - What would you choose?

Brett Linkletter   |     27, May 2021

Less Than 1% Have This

Brett Linkletter   |     25, May 2021

Word is spreading.... Dineline is taking...

Brett Linkletter   |     24, May 2021

Business is down by 62% 🤦‍♂️

Brett Linkletter   |     18, May 2021

Knowledge is Power 💪

Brett Linkletter   |     12, May 2021

Tap into $28,000 😍👉

Brett Linkletter   |     10, May 2021

Are you listening?

Brett Linkletter   |     06, May 2021

$3,000+ in 30 Days?!?

Brett Linkletter   |     04, May 2021

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