Misfit Media is a part of the elite class of Facebook Marketing Partners For Agencies! 

Why does this matter to you as a restaurant owner?

1.) According to Facebook, only 25% of agencies who advertise on their platform meet this standard, meaning most agencies are throwing money down the drain without knowing. 😣

2.) At Misfit Media, we have generated over 1,500,000 guest transactions from social media and have spent over $2 million on Facebook™ and Instagram™ads (so you know you are in good hands 😉)

3.) Facebook Marketing Partners are featured on Facebooks Partner Directory and are granted exclusive access to advanced training from their advertising experts. Meaning that, we are better equipped to provide our marketing strategies to enhance our clients overall success. 💯

We're not bragging, we just want to inform you on the importance of choosing a marketing agency that understands how to spend your ad dollars (and spend them well) to get you a return on investment. 

Whether you're ready to move forward on social media advertising, it is important to understand the qualifications of any agency before making a decision.

Advertising using platforms like Facebook and Instagram can be some of the most lucrative ways to spend your marketing dollars. However, without the right strategy, you can end up burning through money fast.

As a member of our Misfit Media community, we want to make sure we equip you with all the right information to help your business succeed!

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